Healthcare Robotics and Drone Applications

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Given COVID 2019 situation and beyond, we are going to see pervasive robotics devices in many applications. In health care situations, we need robots that can insulate health workers from the patients. Needs for the telepresence robots in education and agriculture have similar strong motivations. However, these robots need to work along with humans. They must understand humans through interfaces such as voice, gesture, BCI, and haptics. These robots in some situations must learn to express human emotions as well. Such collaborative robots with humans in the loop have a distinct advantage that robots can take guidance from humans in complex and unknown situations. With human-in-the-loop, we do not have to build fully autonomous systems, and hence the effective cost of these devices will drastically come down. Simultaneously these devices can behave even smarter as they would embody human cognition.

The UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are commonly referred to as drones, are simply flying robots that can be controlled remotely and autonomously. Initially, drones were developed for the military mission but over time many business and government organizations have taken interest in drone applications and find these technologies effective in their respective areas due to low operational cost, timesaving, and reliable data collection. In general, drones/ UAVs have a variety of applications in agriculture, military and defense, commercial, oil and gas, and power and utility sectors. Successful integration of Drone in our social and industrial processes still requires deeper research to bring desired agility, stability, and reliability to Drone technology in terms of its hardware and software.


IIT Mandi is organizing a 3-day workshop to bring together experts from both academia and industry, which will have invited talks, panel discussions, poster sessions, and brainstorming sessions related (but not limited) to the following interest areas.

Healthcare Robotics
-- Use of BCI, Haptics, Computer Vision, Voice, and Gesture for Robotics
-- Imitation Learning for Robotic Applications
-- Human-Robot Interaction
-- Robotic Control, Path Planning, Navigation
-- Robotic Systems: Drones, Robotic Manipulators, etc.
-- Tele-operated Robotic System
-- Dialog-based Navigation

Drone Application
-- Application of Drone in Industrial Inspection and Manipulation
-- Automatically Identifying, Inspecting and collecting NDVI for Agriculture using Drone
-- Topological Mapping and Landscape Survey using Drone
-- Surveillance and Monitoring of Mines and Flood areas using Drones
-- Drone based Aerial Manipulation for Agriculture and Industry
-- Multi-agent collaborations: AGV-UAV collaboration
-- Distributed Swarm Drone Control
-- Drone for logistics application
-- Drone application in healthcare industry: Drone delivery, Drone taxi


IIT Jodhpur

Stanford University

Socients AI & Robotics

IIT Delhi

IIT Madras

IISc Bangalore

IIT Mandi

IIT Kanpur

University of Maryland

IIT Delhi

IIT Roorkee

IIT Kanpur

TCS Research

Tezpur University

Virginia Tech India

IIT Indore

IIT Kharagpur

Delhi Technological University

IIT Palakkad

CARE Hospitals

IIT Roorkee

IIT Roorkee

IIT Kanpur

IIT Mandi

IIT Jodhpur

IIIT Hyderabad

TCS Research

CEERI Pilani


Registration for workshop/poster presentation

*Students, Research scholars, Faculty members, and Research Professionals from academia and industry can participate.
*Registration for workshop is "FREE".
*The students will have to bear a cost of 350 INR (approx.) per day for accommodation and meal.
*For Poster presentation, please use the standard template.

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